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Good Indian Girls Do Design! does not sell or share any information you provide to us online with any outside company or third party. We
also maintain a high level of privacy for all our special order clientele, especially wedding invitation orders where a guest list is provided
for the purpose of addressing envelopes. We pride ourselves in our quality of work and hope you will refer us, we will never solicit
business from your guests through mass mailings.

We will automatically add your business to our personal mailing list, including you on all upcoming promotional material (free goodies!)
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Currently we are only offering our notecards and other products for sale to wholesale vendors.

We always accept wedding invitation, party and birth announcement orders. These custom orders are considered retail sales and are
treated very specially. If you are interested in working with our designer, Tiffany, on your special occasion invitations or announcements,
please contact our studio at 208-424-3353 or

At this time, we accept VISA and Mastercard only.

Personal checks are accepted, provided an order is pre-paid and the check has cleared the bank. Please allow up to 10 days for your
personal check to process before your order is shipped. Establish a good relationship with us and we'll put you on a billing cycle. We're
trusting that way.

Wholesale orders are not subject to sales tax. Retail sales outside Idaho will not be charged sales tax.
Idaho residents pay 5.5% sales tax on retail (personal) orders.


Our studio is small, our cards are handmade . . . sometimes to order. This means that you will need to give us up to two weeks to
process your order. Be assured that we will do everything to get your order to you if you need it earlier.
We work with our hands and we can only move so fast and we have to sleep and rest and go running sometimes.

After you have placed your order, we will contact you to confirm your order and notify you of the expected date of shipment. We like to
correspond via e-mail or telephone.

We ship via UPS or US Mail insured, all our orders are trackable and if you provide an e-mail address, we will notify you of the tracking
number when your order goes out. We can ship overnight if you request. We can also ship overseas.

Your invoice will reflect the cost of shipping, however we do our best to include a few freebies to make up for the cost of the shipping
you've just paid. Like samples, only better.


Damage to a package can be reported by the recipient or by UPS. If your package arrives damaged, please keep the original packaging
material (box, stuffing, product, etc.) and contact UPS immediately. A damage inspection will be performed by UPS and we will be
contacted with the results of the inspection. At this point we can begin replacing the damaged product and we can file a claim for the
repair or replacement cost of the package contents, up to the declared value. Good Indian Girls can only send out a replacement if a
damage claim has been filed with UPS.


All images, photographs, website design and other proprietary stuff is the intellectual and creative property of Good Indian Girls. We get
our ideas from all around us, if you're feeling creative, just look around you and do what inspires you, don't copy from us. Believe me, we
will probably think you're more creative in the end.

Colors vary from monitor to monitor, eyes to eyes. In other words, the colors you see on the monitor may not be an accurate
representation of the color you'll see on the cards. But it's close. Very close. Our photographer has done his best to assure there's pretty
good lighting when he's snapping shots. Our ink is mixed by hand and over time the colors may vary from batch to batch. This means you
may order a set of cards this month and the same set again six months from now. The colors may not match perfectly but will be very, very


It is our belief that we should do everything to live as small of a footprint on this earth as possible. But we also love beautiful things and
do wish to have a bit of creative fun. To this end, we work with our suppliers to find products that are tree-free or made of recycled papers.
We feature Italian paper made at an ancient mill in Fabriano, Italy, these cards & envelopes are made of cotton fibers, not trees.  Also in
our card line you will find papers made of grass clippings, mulberry bush fibers, bamboo and post-consumer recycled paper. We do our
best to inform you of the origins of the papers featured. We're proud of the research we do regarding this.

In the studio you will often find Enrico Fermi the Lovebird flying about. We love Fermi and don't want to cause him any harm. Our
printmaking process, silk screening, is 100% fume-free and non-toxic, using water based acrylics, soy based mediums and absolutely
no scary heavy metal based colors.

Walk Everywhere.

This is our motto, believing that one can make an effort to live close to where they work or go for entertainment, we encourage you to
spend a day or two without using a car, walking slowly to run errands and just think. It is not unusual for me to go a week without using
the car, walking 4 miles to town to buy more ink or a few miles to the grocery store, red Radio Flyer wagon in tow to haul bags back home.
I recommend trying it, the cost of a Radio Flyer is cheaper than a tank of gas and is much more amusing.